How AI will impact leadership & business (feat. David Shrier)

Apr 21, 2021

You can run and you can hide, but AI is coming to our workplaces whether we like it or not.


How AI will impact leadership & business for you


Although AI has already been implemented into the workforce in factory or repetitive work, it hasn’t previously been capable of completing more complex tasks. That is, until now.

Computational social science is a groundbreaking new field that allows AI technology to discover human behavior and help leaders improve their performance. David Shrier, a globally recognized thought leader in tech and innovation, believes that this science will revolutionize AI’s abilities in the workplace.


“[Through AI] we can decode human behavior and understand mindset shift mathematically, and take actions that help people to change behavior.”


David’s work as a co-founder of Esme Learning, an AI-enabled solutions company, is focused on AI’s impact on the workplace. Based on research that high-performing teams exhibit a balance of communication and participation, David is working with MIT to teach classes to leaders on how to improve teamwork with AI.

David describes how an AI coach can facilitate leadership development, through identifying patterns of communication.


This AI “coach”  tracks:

👉 The frequency a team member speaks or interrupts others

👉 How long they speak

👉 How actively they listen to others


This data is shown to the teams, and over time members start to change their behaviors. In the interview, David shares key advice based on his experience in implementing AI into the workplace. The information gathered through an AI “coach” has been integral to team breakthroughs in productivity and flow.


David’s key advice is to embrace AI instead of running from it.

How do you do that?

You won’t want to miss this episode with David Shrier — on How AI will impact leadership & business — on The Enlightened Executive.

You can also look at David’s book “Augmenting Your Career” (pre-order available on Amazon) to learn more.

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