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What’s your path to Enlightened Leadership?

Susan Drumm visionary leadership coach

YOU are a visionary.

You have the idea, product, or strategy that’s going to spark major shifts in your industry, market, or the world.

To see your vision through, you know you can’t rely on the “old way” of leadership. The previous paradigm of “command and control” doesn’t feel right to you — and that’s a good thing.

But to enact true change externally, you must first experience true change internally.

Your personal evolution will spark your leadership revolution. The name of this revolution?

Enlightened Leadership.

I’m Susan Drumm, CEO and Leadership Coach

Susan Drumm CEO and leadership coach

I’ve helped hundreds of leaders scale their companies by transforming how they lead.

Through my leadership consulting company, Meritage Leadership, I’ve coached billionaire CEOs, prominent Fortune 50 executive teams, and incredible entrepreneurs who set out to disrupt their marketplace.

Now, I’ve created a community of next-generation visionaries who understand that evolving their leadership will be the most important skill to focus on in our post-pandemic world.

If you’re a futurist entrepreneur or executive who’s hungry for personal and professional growth, you’re in the right place to scale your business to the level of game-changer.

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Susan Drumm is trusted by Etsy

“When I inherited a large, new team at Oracle, I brought in Susan and her team to establish the onboarding strategy. I was filling the large shoes of a former GM who was well respected—which can typically be a difficult situation! Susan drove success in our business by helping us learn our working styles through the Enneagram assessment process and by guiding us to develop strong models for understanding and collaboration. Our engagement with Susan was an essential part of our turnaround strategy for the business.”

Rob Tarkoff

EVP & GM, Oracle Corporation

Realizing your full potential as a visionary starts with becoming an enlightened leader.

What's your path to enlightened leadership?

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