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Realize your leadership development vision through Susan’s keynotes on The Leader’s Playlist and Leadership Growth through the Enneagram.

I’m Susan Drumm, CEO, speaker, leadership coach, and podcast host

Susan Drumm keynote speaker and CEO leadership development coach

I’ve helped hundreds of leaders scale their companies by transforming how they lead using groundbreaking techniques to enhance their personal and leadership effectiveness.

I offer two distinct keynote speech options grounded in my 20+ years coaching billionaire CEOs, prominent Fortune 50 executive teams, and incredible entrepreneurs who set out to disrupt their marketplace.

Susan Drumm Keynote Speech #1

The Leader’s Playlist

Susan will teach you how to use music to interrupt old patterns, create a more empowering state of being, and radically enhance the way you lead.

What happened to us in our childhood shows up in our leadership, including a liability that limits our effectiveness.
In dealing with the<br />
liability, we are inherently terrible at making the changes we know we need to make.
Music is this most powerful way to interrupt patterns and create new ones.
Music impacts all regions of the brain and enables new pathways to form more quickly.

We all have a playlist running in the background that acts as a ceiling on our leadership effectiveness.


You may feel you can’t engage or retain your team members.


You may be feeling burnout or that your team is overwhelmed by the pace of change and can’t prioritize.


You may feel that you can’t delegate or trust your team to deliver.

In this keynote speech, Susan shares a process to uncover the program impacting your leadership, explain how music can interrupt this program, and then share how to leverage music to help you become a more enlightened leader.
This isn’t just a metaphor.

Music has the ability to help make change stick, by priming the neurological landscape to form new neural pathways in a faster, more efficient way.

In 60 minutes, you will learn more about this unique approach to overcoming deeply rooted limiting patterns, and how you can create lasting change through a more powerful playlist that will enlighten your leadership and your life.

Susan Drumm's keynote speaking The Leader's Playlist

“An incredible new look at using music to improve our leadership, behavior, and, ultimately, our lives!”

Marshall Goldsmith, Ph.D.

Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times bestselling author of The Earned Life, Triggers, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

Featured past speaking engagements

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Susan Drumm keynote speaking Leadership Growth Through the Enneagram

Susan Drumm Keynote Speech #2

Enlightened Leadership™️
Through the Enneagram

Ever wonder why certain people get “under your skin” at work, while others are a dream to work with?

Do you ever feel like you aren’t having the right conversations in team meetings, but can’t figure out why?

Susan has been at the forefront of applying the model of the Enneagram to leadership in business for more than a decade to help executives get clarity on these questions and shift to a higher level of performance.

Susan Drumm keynote speaker
Susan will share why this tool is far more powerful than traditional tools such as DISC and MBTI for leadership growth —and how it’s particularly impactful for you in unlocking team performance.

Harness the power of the Enneagram as a road map for leadership growth and improved team interactions.

Decode team dynamics by understanding communication styles and recognize that others don’t see the world the way you do.

Gain insights into motivations that drive behavior; why people do the things they do.

Recognize specific styles and understand their preferred ways of relating and doing work.

Elevate senior team meetings and build empathy with team members.

Foster cognitive diversity to engage in better discussions and more robust decisions.

Enneagram Applied

Want your attendees to have the opportunity to take the Enneagram Assessment prior to your event?

Our optional “add on” program Enneagram Applied is an individual online development course which includes Enneagram discovery (assessment and recorded video type debrief) paired with an online educational program for leaders to apply this knowledge. 

It includes three learning modules/sessions including assessment, debrief, and exercises so participants can apply the knowledge to improve their working relationships

Susan Drumm’s keynote speech topics include…

Resilience In Chaos: How To Overcome The Overwhelm

What’s the #1 trait leaders need during this time of change and uncertainty? Resilience.

Resilience has become a hot topic for leaders, and as a certified HeartMath® trainer, what Susan offers is quite unexpected. She shares research that those leaders who operate with greater coherence/resilience are able to access the highest functioning parts of the brain—enabling them to think clearly under pressure and create more innovative solutions to problems.

Susan will share proven techniques that help you develop the capacity to prepare, recover, and adapt in the face of stress, challenge, change, or adversity.

Free Up 8+ Hours A Week

Want to learn how to delegate better, faster, and easier?

Susan shares the delegating secrets that 9 and 10 figure CEOs know about how to scale and leverage your team.

She’ll cover WHY delegation is the most important skill to master to advance your business and career, provide specific processes to figure out WHAT you can delegate, and provide a blueprint for HOW to delegate in the most effective way so it gets done right the first time.

“Susan’s enthusiastic style, coupled with her expertise in leadership, creates a thought-provoking and impactful experience.”
Tara Collison

Ph.D., PCC, Cisco

“By blending a background in acting with top-tier business expertise, Susan engages an audience like few others can.”
Kaihan Krippendorf

Founder, Outthinker

“Susan’s expertise with individual and team dynamics was extremely helpful in getting our teams to work together more effectively.”
Bria Martin

Vice President, Organizational Strategy and Leadership Development, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical

“Her Secret Sauce presentation at Ellevate Phoenix was one of the most talked-about events of the year. Attendees commented on how valuable it was over a year later!”

Kathy Lynn-Cullotta

Senior consultant, advisor, The Breakaway Team

“Susan led a session for us that allowed us to approach our challenges, roles, and our clients with the right mindset! She made a lasting impact on our team, resulting in better communication tools and trust across the team.”
Sumita Banjeree

Senior Vice President Talent Acquisition, L'Oreal Americas

“Susan’s keynote on effective communication was the highlight of our retreat.”

Kristine Campbell

Assistant General Counsel, U-Haul International

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