Susan Drumm is a leadership and pattern disruption keynote speaker.

Identify patterns, upgrade habits and ignite performance.

Effective Leadership is generated from pattern recognition and disruption.

Susan Drumm keynote speaker

The most powerful business insights don’t come from a server or AI.

They are buried deep within our own psyches.

How can you discover the blind spots that are holding you back?

Do you and your team have the courage to break these habits and ignite a powerful transformation?

What techniques can you employ right now that will harness the power of your unique leadership style?

And how can you use new patterns to create a culture of collaboration based on years of practical, scientific team research?

Self examination and improvement are the crucial first steps to Enlightened Leadership.™

Are you ready to become the leader you were born to be?

Susan teaches Leaders and Teams to embrace diversity of thought so they can shift their perspectives and see a dramatic increase in cohesion and productivity.

Susan Drumm’s inspiring keynotes provide individuals and teams with practical tools that unlock dramatic improvements in understanding destructive habits and provide a concrete pathway to making an impact as an Enlightened Leader.

Susan Drumm experienced keynote speaker


Susan Drumm

Susan Drumm is a Speaker, CEO Advisor, USA Today Bestselling Author and Leadership Coach who has been instrumental in building high-performance teams to lead in today’s disruptive environment. 

She has personally coached billionaire CEOs, high profile political figures, prominent Fortune 100 executive teams and game-changing entrepreneurs.

With over two decades of experience advising CEOs and their teams, she has enabled them to unlock their leadership potential, resulting in multi-million-dollar growth.

Susan’s unique blend of expertise, derived from her MA in acting, J.D. from Harvard Law School , and strategy consulting at The Boston Consulting Group, sets her apart as “the real deal” and an outstanding speaker.

“Susan’s enthusiastic style, coupled with her expertise in leadership, creates a thought-provoking and impactful experience.”


Ph.D., PCC, Cisco

“Susan’s expertise with individual and team dynamics was extremely helpful in getting our teams to work together more effectively.”

ultragenyxBRIA MARTIN

Vice President, Organizational Strategy and Leadership Development,
Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical

“Susan’s presentation at Ellevate Phoenix was one of the most talked-about events. Attendees commented on how valuable it was a year later!”


Senior Consultant, Advisor, The Breakaway Team

“Susan helped us approach our challenges, roles, and clients with the right mindset. She made a lasting impact on our team, resulting in better communication tools and trust across the team.”


Senior Vice President Talent Acquisition, L’Oreal Americas

“Susan’s keynote on effective communication was the highlight of our retreat.


Assistant General Counsel, U-Haul International

Pragmatic takeaways include:


Roadmaps For Leadership Growth Based on the Enneagram


Leverage Specific Work Motivations to Inspire Collective Results


Build Cognitive Diversity in your Team to Fuel Better Decisions and Results


Harness the power of Music to Interrupt Old Ineffective Patterns and Create New Ones To Improve Leadership Performance


Build Authenticity And Alignment In Team Meetings

Susan Drumm’s keynote topics

Susan Drumm Keynote Speaker: The Leader's Playlist

The Leader’s Playlist

Use Music To Break Ineffective Habits and Transform Your Leadership

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In this interactive and unique keynote, Susan dramatically illustrates how deeply rooted patterns can limit your potential. Breaking these patterns can create lasting change in our lives and through Susan’s new program, The Leadership Playlist, she’s discovered music is the KEY.

Music has the ability to help make change stick, by priming the neurological landscape to form new neural pathways in a faster, more efficient way. In 60 minutes, you will learn more about this unique approach to overcoming deeply rooted limiting patterns, and how you can create lasting change through a more powerful playlist that will Enlighten your Leadership and your life.

You and your team will leave this keynote with an actionable plan to discover your own limiting patterns and the ability to create a new playlist for igniting career success and growth.

With concrete examples of how leaders have shifted their mindset and created new neural pathways that have ignited their full potential, your audience will leave this keynote inspired and ready to embrace a new Enlightened Leadership perspective.

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Susan Drumm Keynote Speaker: Leadership Growth Through the Enneagram

Enlightened Leadership Through the Enneagram

Create Diversity of Thought and Supercharge Performance

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The modern workplace has evolved in ways that we would have never thought possible just a few years ago. The revolution in video conferencing has impacted and shifted the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and teams – not all of it for the better. Creating team cohesion has never been a more critical factor for leaders who want to get the best out of their people and their business results.

For over 20 years, Susan has been at the forefront of applying the Enneagram model to leadership to help executives create high performing teams through diversity of thought.

In this timely keynote, Susan will empower the audience with actionable takeaways, fueled by her Enneagram Applied system. Participants will hear case studies and examples of how teams made up of “personality groupthink” flatline, while those empowered by diverse perspectives thrive.

Susan will share why this tool is far more powerful than traditional tools such as DISC and MBTI for leadership growth —and how it’s particularly impactful for you in unlocking team performance.

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Resilience keynote speech with Susan Drumm

Resilience in Chaos

Enhance emotional intelligence, increase self-awareness, and cultivate resilience.

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In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, resilience has emerged as a crucial quality for leaders. Susan, a certified HeartMath® trainer, brings a unique perspective to this topic.

The latest research in this space reveals leaders who operate with greater coherence and resilience have the ability to access the highest functioning parts of their brains. This unique trait enables them to think clearly under pressure, make sound decisions, and create innovative solutions to problems.

Through interactive exercises and practical tools, Susan guides audiences on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. In this keynote, Susan will give attendees a framework and implementation tools designed to enhance emotional intelligence, increase self-awareness, and cultivate a sense of resilience and well-being.

By adopting these strategies, you and your team can not only mitigate the impact of stress but also harness it as a catalyst for personal and professional growth.

Susan Drumm Keynote Speaker: How to free up to 8 hours per week

Free Up 8 Hours of Your Week

Discover game-changing secrets to scale your business and leverage your team like a pro.

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This keynote is like no other. With over two decades of advising CEOs and senior executives from some of the most prestigious brands, Susan has accumulated a treasure trove of business efficiency wisdom.

Join Susan as she unveils the clandestine strategies known only to the crème de la crème of CEOs and business leaders. Discover the game-changing secrets to scaling your business and leveraging your team like a pro.

In this engaging session, Susan will share why delegation reigns supreme as the ultimate skill to propel your business and career forward. This keynote is packed with actionable insights as she divulges the precise processes to identify what tasks are ripe for delegation. Susan will also hand you a foolproof blueprint for mastering the art of delegation, ensuring that tasks are completed flawlessly from the start.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize the way you work and skyrocket your success.

“By blending a background in acting with top-tier business expertise, Susan engages an audience like few others can.”


Kaihan Krippendorf

Founder, Outthinker