The Leader’s Playlist Masterclass

Leadership Masterclass with Susan Drumm

The Leader’s Playlist Masterclass

How to Use Music and Neuroscience to
Become a More Enlightened Leader

This practical 10-lesson leadership masterclass picks up where The Leader’s Playlist book leaves off, diving deeper into the concepts and providing more step-by-step support on your journey to Enlightened Leadership™.

By the end of the leadership masterclass, you’ll…


Identify the root cause of why you’re stuck in your career or leadership

Pinpoint the early life messaging that may be affecting your leadership today (even if you’re not aware of it now)
Begin to create a personal playlist to shift your emotional state, behavior patterns, and ingrained beliefs for GOOD
Design a routine for using your playlist regularly to become a more effective (and more enlightened) leader!
The Leader's Playlist masterclass

“The Leader’s Playlist is a wonderful tribute to the need for growth and development for leaders at all levels.

It’s filled with great research and heartfelt stories of transformation as people learn about themselves and then use what they have learned to scale their organization.”

Greg Brown

CEO, Udemy

What are you bumping up against as a leader?

Maybe you’re feeling frustrated because…


Your team isn’t matching your level of motivation and engagement

You are not getting the results you’d hoped for when you delegate
You can’t seem to find or retain the level of talent you need to grow your company
Your staff isn’t handling customers the way you would like
You keep running into the same problems at every level, at every company
Susan Drumm The Leader's Playlist Masterclass
Two computers at an office desk with no employees around

Or maybe something has gone fundamentally wrong:

Such as…


You are experiencing a major downturn in your business

You keep getting passed up for promotions you know you deserve
You have been removed from your leadership position

Whatever challenge you’re dealing with, you’ve likely tried to change it already.

Committed leaders like you consistently invest in their leadership.

The problem is, most leadership development techniques focus only on how to think and act differently.

Thinking and acting differently takes constant, conscious effort. Not only is this exhausting, but it’s virtually impossible to keep up forever.

This is why you may have been able to apply a new leadership strategy in the short term, then a year later still found yourself struggling in other areas of your work or life.

So, how can you set yourself up for long-term success?

In this leadership masterclass, we propose a radical new form of leadership development: Feeling your way to becoming a better leader, using the most powerful feelings-shifting tool we have, music.

“I have always been an advocate for change, both in myself and others.

We can’t expect people to follow leaders who are not willing to take a long, hard look at ourselves and pivot to be our best every day. As a former violinist and teacher, I also know the amazing transformative power of music. ‘The Leader’s Playlist’ is both a testament to that power and a handbook for how to use it to be our best selves.”

Sheila Johnson

CEO, Salamander Hotels and Resorts


The Leader’s Playlist Masterclass

How to Use Music and Neuroscience to
Become a More Enlightened Leader

This leadership masterclass contains 10 video lessons and a PDF workbook

What to expect:

Module One

Lesson 1:

Let’s Press Play

You’re not alone — hear stories from leaders like you and see what a path toward getting unstuck could look like for you.

Lesson 2:

I Think I Want To Change – Until I Don’t

Understand the science behind why it’s so hard to change our patterns — so you can stop feeling frustrated or blaming yourself.

Lesson 3:

Do You Hear That?

Be guided through identifying your core patterns and walk through how this shows up in your leadership and your life.

Module Two

Lesson 4:

The Music Emotion Connection

Learn how our brains function, how childhood wounds impact our leadership, and how to use this knowledge for change.

Lesson 5:

Energy, Frequency, and Vibration

Discover how much our words and inner “playlists” impact the energy we give off to others (especially our teams).

Lesson 6:

Using Music To Change Your Emotional State

Understand how music can be used as a strategic tool to change your emotional state as a leader.

Module Three

Lesson 7:

Identifying Your Old Playlist

Identify what your current inner “playlist” is, what emotions are associated with it, and select representative songs.

Lesson 8:

Defining Your New Playlist

Determine the new way you want to feel as a leader, and create a new playlist of songs that inspire this feeling in you.

Lesson 9:

Your Playlist In Action

Design a routine for listening to your playlist regularly and practice shifting into the leader you want to be.

Lesson 10:

Together in Harmony

Get clear about how your personal healing helps you become a better leader AND help change the world.

What else is included with your masterclass registration?

Access to the recording

Revisit The Leader’s Playlist Masterclass recording whenever you need to as you continue to integrate the content into your life for one year.

The Leader’s Playlist workbook

Make real progress — be guided through The Leader’s Playlist proprietary process for using music to transform your leadership and your life.

Get instant access to The Leader’s Playlist exclusive masterclass!

“Susan Drumm is really onto something.

As a lifelong songwriter and in my work with veterans with PTSD, I have seen firsthand the correlation between music and healing the past and how finding a new playlist can reset the brain.

Bottom line: songs have the power to change us. The Leader’s Playlist is a groundbreaking work on how this change can happen for leaders in the workplace. I highly recommend it.”

David Lee

Multi-Platinum Songwriter

“The Leader’s Playlist confirms what I have always known in my heart: Music connects us to each other, the known and the unknown.

Understanding my role in music and applying the lessons I’ve learned through music have taught me how to be a better leader, manager, partner and human. Her work proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that it can happen for anyone.”

Ben Jaffe

Bassist and Creative Director, Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Meet your instructor

Leadership Coach,
Susan Drumm

Susan Drumm is a CEO Advisor, Speaker, USA Today Bestselling Author and Leadership Coach focused on helping leaders and their teams to develop the capacity and mindsets to lead in today’s disruptive environment.

She has personally coached billionaire CEOs, high profile political figures, prominent Fortune 100 executive teams and incredible entrepreneurs that set out to disrupt the marketplace.

She is the two-time #1 bestselling author of The Leader’s Playlist: unleash the power of music and neuroscience to transform your leadership and your life. Susan’s YouTube channel and podcast, The Enlightened Executive, is ranked in the top 2% of podcasts globally. In the show, she spotlights ground-breaking techniques and strategies to help executives and entrepreneurs get the edge in personal and leadership effectiveness.

Susan's firm, Meritage Leadership Development, works with C-suite executives from financial services, private equity, tech, healthcare, professional services, media, consumer products, consulting and law. She has worked with organizations such as KPMG, Oracle, Viacom, Microsoft, Conde Nast, L’Oreal, A&E Networks, USS Steel and Cisco.

Meet your instructor, Susan Drumm

Is The Leader’s Playlist masterclass a good investment for you?

Susan Drumm is a Leadership Coach who created the Leader's Playlist Masterclass

The Leader’s Playlist masterclass is best for leaders who…


Believe in personal evolution as a catalyst for professional growth


Want to do things differently and make a positive impact on their organization — and the world!


Are seeking a practical way to integrate personal development work into their leadership


Have read The Leader’s Playlist book and want further support!

This Leadership Masterclass may not be a good fit for leaders who are…


Not willing to take an honest look at the role they’ve played in their own leadership roadblocks


Looking for ways to get their team to change, rather than doing inner work

Not open to new ways of leading and prefer to follow only conventional leadership advice
This masterclass is your invitation to
the Enlightened Leadership™️ movement.

Join us as we usher in a new era of humanity-first leadership

“In The Leader’s Playlist, Susan Drumm offers a completely new and fresh idea, a unique take on transformations that works.

It’s a powerful and hopeful message.”     

Kaihan Krippendorff

Founder of Outthinker and author of Outthink the Competition

“Small changes can have a disproportionate impact on our future success – but they’re not always easy.

The Leader’s Playlist illuminates a powerful path forward: to successfully take action and cue the soundtrack to the life you’ve always wanted.”

Dorie Clark

Wall Street Journal bestselling author and executive education faculty, Duke University Fuqua School of Business

Frequently Asked Questions


I’ve attended other leadership masterclasses or programs before. How will The Leader’s Playlist Masterclass be different?

Great question! Other leadership training paradigms are all about how to think and act differently. They rely on prescriptive advice for challenging situations, essentially spoon-feeding you “rules” on how to function as a leader. We believe this is hard to sustain for most leaders and underestimates what you’re capable of.

The Leader’s Playlist Masterclass teaches you how to shift your emotional state and deeply ingrained patterns to become a more enlightened leader. Enlightened leaders heal themselves from the inside out in order to make objectively better decisions and no longer be ruled by their reactions.

Could I just read the book and get the same information?

While the general ideas are the same, you won’t get the same experience (and likely not the same results) from just reading the book. It’s similar to comparing a textbook to a college class. Both cover the same topics, but most students learn better in a class than from just reading the textbook on their own.

The book presents these concepts; the masterclass walks you through how to integrate them into your leadership. The masterclass provides more step-by-step instruction and includes a helpful workbook to guide you to implement.

In short, the masterclass is for those who know they learn better with a real teacher and a curriculum… not just the “textbook”.

When is The Leader’s Playlist Masterclass happening?

Whenever you want! You get instant access to The Leader’s Playlist Masterclass as soon as you complete registration.

How long is The Leader’s Playlist Masterclass?

The class is broken down into 10 lessons with about 2 hours of recorded content. How long it takes you to complete will depend on how much time you spend on the exercises and completing your playlist. This is not a lecture that you sit and watch passively; there is a workbook that you’ll be using to facilitate breakthroughs as you consume the content.

How long will I have access to the class?

One year! When you purchase the masterclass, you’ll have it for at least 12 months to revisit as needed.

What does registration to The Leader’s Playlist Masterclass cost?

Your exclusive masterclass registration fee is $997. This is proprietary content, step-by-step instruction, and coaching that you won’t find in any other business book, training, or seminar.

Can I get my employer to pay for this Leadership Masterclass?

Of course! Feel free to share this registration page with your employer, or email our team for additional questions. We’re happy to answer questions for your employer to share the full value of The Leader’s Playlist Masterclass.

Can I hire Susan to deliver The Leader’s Playlist Masterclass privately for my team?

Yes! Susan is honored to bring The Leader’s Playlist Masterclass to organizations around the globe. Please email our team to schedule your private workshop.

What’s the refund policy?

We think you’ll love The Leader’s Playlist Masterclass, but if you are unhappy with it, we offer a 14-day refund period. Please email our team to request a refund.

I have more questions that aren’t answered here. How can I get in touch?

Simply email our team and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

Get instant access to this exclusive leadership masterclass!