Susan Drumm, CEO and Leadership Coach

My mission is to usher in a new era of leadership:

Enlightened Leadership.

I’m Susan, CEO, Leadership Coach, and USA Today Best Selling Author of The Leaders Playlist

Change can be scary. Or it can be an opportunity. The enlightened leader capitalizes on opportunities in a way that serves humanity.

My mission is to help visionary leaders find their path to Enlightened Leadership – their unique leadership growth path and the blind spots that could get in the way.

Sometimes, that means making a radical, necessary change that others may view as “crazy.”

For me, this moment of radical change happened at age 30, when I decided to take a hiatus from my corporate career to get a Master’s degree in acting from the London School of Music and Dramatic Arts.

Here I was, a graduate from Harvard Law School, with a successful career in business, having worked for companies like GE/NBC, and I hit pause on my momentum to pursue… an advanced degree in acting?

I didn’t know what lay ahead of me, but I followed my gut anyway (despite plenty of people telling me I was crazy).

It turned out to be one of the best career moves I’ve ever made. Because it gave me the tools to help leaders make a meaningful difference in the world.

I learned fundamental lessons about authenticity, being present, connecting with others, and dealing with your inner critic.

Eventually, these lessons gave me a unique take on how to be an effective leader.

And as a result, these lessons led me to a coaching path, working with billionaire CEOs, prominent Fortune 50 executive teams, and incredible entrepreneurs who set out to disrupt their marketplace.

Bottom line?

Susan Drumm, CEO and Leadership Coach
My most radical decisions helped me become someone who can coach others to make their own gutsy (but crucial) decisions.

Let’s change the “old playlist” that’s running your life.

What’s your path to enlightened leadership?

I believe in…


I work with executives and entrepreneurs who…

Identify as visionaries
Are hungry for personal and professional growth
Are passionate about their work
Have a growth mindset
Thrive in high-energy, innovative environments
Believe in personal evolution as a catalyst for professional growth
Want to make a positive impact on the world

Does this sound like you?

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