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Welcome to my Enlightened Leadership™ Executive Mastermind: Empathy, Diversity, Growth & Engagement for CEO Rising Stars.

Susan Drumm's Enlightened Executive Mastermind

“As an emerging healthcare business, our senior team formed quickly and we needed to drive results right out of the gate. Susan helped us understand the diversity of leadership styles on the team, how to leverage each other’s strengths and watch out for blind spots… trust, collaboration, and respect are now embedded in our culture and will be a foundation for our future growth.”

Hugh Lytle

CEO, Equality Health

Rapid and sustainable scale happens when you are able to transform roadblocks and differences in perspectives into better decisions.

How do you build or leverage a cognitively diverse organization? How do you steer clear of being blindsided by team issues or becoming the next leader who is an out-of-touch, uninformed liability to the productivity and happiness of your diverse team.

By collaborating within an expert-led CEO cohort that unveils blind spots and allows you to more effectively scale your organization.

Discover the beneficial EDGE of cognitive diversity in your leadership team.


In The Enlightened Leadership™ Executive Mastermind community you will identify and harness the power of disparate leadership styles present in your organization using the Enneagram.

We will coach you as a CEO Rising Star in embracing your own unique leadership style and distinct path of growth for better communication, decision-making, meeting effectiveness, and delegation.

You will not only work through a customized development path that enables a deeper understanding of how habitual patterns and blind spots emerge—and why—but also gain valuable knowledge from peers sharing their experiences within this confidential mastermind.

Your breakthrough will happen when you embrace that differences in perspectives create better decisions, instead of becoming roadblocks.

Enlightened Executive Mastermind for CEO Rising Stars

Become a CEO Superstar

To achieve high performance, you need to develop awareness of your own style, as well as build effectiveness in applying that understanding to your colleagues to shift behavior.

The Enlightened Leadership™ Executive Mastermind community is much deeper and more extensive than mentorship.

You will focus on the core leadership patterns that may otherwise stunt your organization’s growth if not addressed—thereby giving you a solid foundation for achieving success.


Understand the strengths and challenges of your own type and of other types, including blind spots and working preferences.

Leader Diversity

Discover the other leadership style types that are present in the cohort, that may also be present on your leadership team, to generate empathy and greater understanding.

Blind Spots

Illuminate unconscious and potentially destructive blind spots—aspects of your personality style that you may not see but can create challenges to the extent they remain blind—that impact your interactions with others. Identify and integrate those blind spots by Enneagram Type, through the purview of your cohort.


Apply that knowledge to understand how to communicate, delegate and collaborate more effectively within your own organizations

Enlightened Executive Mastermind tools

Enneagram Applied

Learn how to apply the Enneagram to build mastery in key leadership competencies and work flexibly with those of different types.

Scaling with an incomplete view and unbalanced C-suite team can come back to bite you.

These bimonthly mastermind sessions focus on teaching CEOs how to strengthen leadership empathy and hire the right team that best supports style diversity balance.


  1. Building Trust with Each of the 9 Enneagram Types
  2. Effective Feedback with the Enneagram
  3. Clear Communication Across All Enneagram Types
  4. Conflict Resolution: Understanding Type Triggers
  5. Optimizing Meetings: Collaborating Effectively by Enneagram Type
  6. Building Resilience: Managing Change by Enneagram Type

Join our Enlightened Leadership™ Executive Mastermind community and let the power of cognitive diversity make you a CEO Superstar.

Susan Drumm CEO Leadership Mastermind coach
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Meet your instructor

Leadership Coach,
Susan Drumm

Susan Drumm is a CEO Advisor, Speaker, USA Today Bestselling Author and Leadership Coach focused on helping leaders and their teams to develop the capacity and mindsets to lead in today’s disruptive environment.

She has personally coached billionaire CEOs, high profile political figures, prominent Fortune 100 executive teams and incredible entrepreneurs that set out to disrupt the marketplace.

She is the two-time #1 bestselling author of The Leader’s Playlist: unleash the power of music and neuroscience to transform your leadership and your life. Susan’s YouTube channel and podcast, The Enlightened Executive, is ranked in the top 2% of podcasts globally. In the show, she spotlights ground-breaking techniques and strategies to help executives and entrepreneurs get the edge in personal and leadership effectiveness.

Susan's firm, Meritage Leadership Development, works with C-suite executives from financial services, private equity, tech, healthcare, professional services, media, consumer products, consulting and law. She has worked with organizations such as KPMG, Oracle, Viacom, Microsoft, Conde Nast, L’Oreal, A&E Networks, USS Steel and Cisco.

Meet your instructor, Susan Drumm