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The Parking Brake is On

No matter how hard you push forward, results are not going to come quickly.

Team members probably mean well as individuals, but they just can’t pull the rope in the same direction without change. If your team doesn’t have the ability to embrace healthy conflict, the unresolved issues serve as an albatross around your team’s neck.

In a great economy, you may be able to mask the issues by powering through, but in down years or even challenging seasons, these weaknesses leave your entire business vulnerable.

Team members may feel isolated, confused, frustrated, and fall behind on goals. The lack of results amidst a full-fledged turf war enable a “Groundhog Day”-esque quagmire for leadership. You need to build connection in the team beyond their deliverables, and develop a shared understanding of what motivates each of them.

Start with having team members create a “two minute story” that shares a work experience that shaped who they are today, and commit to learning more about each other. Then you’ll need to take a deeper dive into what is and is not working on the team to help ensure that your newfound connection is more than a blip on your organization’s timeline.

If you don’t begin some kind of team development work, you’re going to find yourself replacing individual team members sooner than later.

There’s no better time than now to start investing into your team. The Leadership E.D.G.E. program will kick start that evolution.

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