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Thank you so much for taking our Enlightened Leadership™️ Quiz! Here are your results.

The first section focuses on your gifts and how you would show up as a leader to others as you continue your personal evolution. The second section highlights potential roadblocks that could get in your way (something to be aware of).


You are the Teacher


Your Unique Leadership Growth Path:

You have the gift of insight and critical thinking. 

Your analytical skills and ability to discern what is needed to achieve organizational goals helps others prioritize their workload.  People value your opinion, and may use you as a “sanity check” before taking action towards a particular strategy.

As an Enlightened Leader, you guide others to find their own answers, while offering them the insight of your observations and powerful questions.


Potential Road Blocks to Enlightened Leadership:

At its core, the old “playlist title” that has the potential to get in your way is “I am rejected or dismissed.” 

If this is operating in the background, you will be likely to use a disconnect strategy:  when things get tough or if you sense you are going to get a bad review, you may leave the relationship/organization before they have chance to reject you (either physically or emotionally). Your growth could come from using that insightful mind to ask more questions, in an open curious way to see conflict as an opportunity for growth rather than rejection.


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