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How Trauma Can Become Your Triumph [The Leader’s Playlist]

Oct 11, 2022

The only true power you have isn’t changing others; it’s shifting how you show up as a leader.


That shift starts with music… and updating your soon-to-be old playlist.


Jason Jaggard, founder and CEO of Novus Global, joins me as a guest today, for the last episode of our special, seven-part series on The Leader’s Playlist. Tune in as we uncover hidden playlists and learn how your trauma can become your triumph.


Music can do more than soothe you; music has the power to heal you. 


This isn’t just a metaphor. Music has the proven ability to help make change stick, by priming the neurological landscape to form new neural pathways in a faster, more efficient way.


Curious to learn more? Then don’t miss this enlightening episode.


Also, be sure to pick a copy of my new book on this topic, which will be released on October 18: The Leader’s Playlist.


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