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Have you had a bellyful? (feat. Laban Ditchburn)

Dec 20, 2022

There comes a time when every leader realizes that they have a “bellyful.” A moment where you see, with absolute clarity, that your current course of action no longer works for you, and you’re ready for drastic and intentional change.


For Laban Ditchburn, this moment came 7 years ago when he hit rock bottom on a Tuesday night, as he sat in front of a computer recklessly spending money on a gambling site he was addicted to and nursing three bottles of Pinot Noir.


Today, Laban is the author of the book Bet On You, a brilliant mixture of memoir meets self-help. In it, Laban shares how a childhood influenced by divorce and dysfunction led him down a path where he impulsively sought validation and escapism in all the wrong places.


But on that fateful night, when Laban realized his way of life had run its course, he made one move that would change things forever: he asked for help.


Now, having conquered the whole gamut of addictions such as alcohol, gambling, drugs, and negative self-talk, Laban has made a name for himself as the world’s best courage coach, inspiring those ready to make fundamental changes in their lives.


In this episode, Laban shares with us how asking for help illuminated his path toward sobriety and the driving force that continues to make him one of the world’s most positively influential speakers. 



Self-discovery doesn’t happen alone. 


The night Laban decided to ask for help was when he noticed, for the first time, a gambling addiction helpline on a screen he had visited a thousand times. After impulsively picking up the phone and dialing the number, Laban experienced his first therapy session. A session that would help him release negative energy and ultimately kick off a year and a half of gambling counseling.


“If you’ve never had an opportunity where you are able to just share without judgment, I highly recommend that you find someone to do that with.”


His sessions helped him understand that the pain from his childhood experiences had thrust him into his addictions. From this understanding, he could step back and realign with his childhood vision of seeking truth and creating impact.


With an invitation to reflect on your current path, Laban’s book, Bet on You, is his gift to anyone feeling unfulfilled and looking to find their purpose.


“I want you to read the book as if it’s you. Put yourself in my position, and you’ll find parallels to your own existence in some way, shape, or form. It’ll allow you not to feel so bad about the decisions you’ve made in your own life.”


When was the last time you permitted yourself to be listened to without judgment or analysis? If you’ve been feeling out of alignment, perhaps you’ve reached that “bellyfull” moment.



Laban also shares:


  • How operating from a place of service can fulfill internal and external needs.
  • The importance of completely removing negative self-talk from your language.
  • Why ballsy moves can generate big rewards.


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