The Art of Being Unmessablewith & Managing Emotions (feat. Josselyne Herman-Saccio)

Jun 13, 2023

Successful leaders master the skill of management . . .  that is, self-management before managing others. 


The ability to identify, understand and manage your own triggers is an essential leadership skill. Making sound decisions, pursuing long-term goals and adopting an authentic leadership posture is all dependent on self-regulation in the face of internal and external obstacles.


Today’s guest on The Enlightened Executive podcast is Josselyne Herman-Saccio,  master coach in the Art Of Being Unmessablewith. Being unmessablewith is not about overpowering or manipulating the external world; it’s about transforming your internal landscape to respond to life’s challenges and triggers in a way that aligns with your aspirations.


Josselyne’s unique coaching program helps people stay true to themselves and maintain a mindset of creation rather than reaction. With over 30 years of experience, Josselyne has empowered countless individuals to live their dreams and become “Unmessablewith”TM in the face of life’s adversities. 


In this episode, Josselyne shares three crucial tools executives can implement in order to be unmessablewith.


1. Develop Self-Awareness


When Josselyne describes being unmessablewith, she clarifies that it is not about being tough, aggressive, or suppressing one’s emotions. Instead, it’s about maintaining freedom, self-expression, and unwavering commitment to personal vision despite life’s challenges. 


Even highly successful individuals have areas of their lives where they feel limited or struggle to overcome certain triggers. Executives striving to overcome these limiting responses can begin honing their self-awareness through these exercises:


  • Define your personal values and vision for the future. Consider what the most authentic and thriving version of yourself would do in a highly reactive situation.
  • Evaluate what is keeping you from existing in alignment with this vision. Identify what types of interactions or scenarios trigger a “messwithable” response. 
  • Create a list of these specific red flags that signal your potential descent into reactive behavior. Examine for any commonalities.


By recognizing these warning signs, you can proactively intercept and replace unproductive patterns.


2. Catch & Redirect Triggers


Leaders overcome the reactive behaviors associated with these triggers by developing a heightened sense of awareness and using that awareness to choose a different response.


Pay attention to your automatic reactions to triggers (physical sensations, racing thoughts, or emotional responses). Notice when you begin to experience these sensations. They are warning signs that can prompt you to stop yourself from going down the familiar and unproductive path of reaction.


Once you recognize the warning signs, consciously choose to redirect your response with these three steps:


  • Pause
  • Take a deep breath
  • Remind yourself of your commitment to your personal vision


This heightened awareness will lay the foundation for creating new neural pathways that allow for empowered, rather than reactive, responses to triggering events.


3. Pre-Create Empowering Contexts


Pre-creating a positive context or mindset empowers individuals to choose a different path and respond in a way that aligns with their desired outcomes


Before entering challenging situations, envision the posture you want to bring into that space. Visualize yourself responding in a way that aligns with your desired outcomes. Consider the qualities (such as love, appreciation, or understanding) you want to embody and the impact you wish to have.


This mental preparation will help you consciously respond rather than react, fostering better outcomes and deeper connections. While it may require discipline and effort to pave this new path, it is entirely possible to break free from automatic reactions and create a more empowering way of being.


Remember, becoming unmessablewith is an ongoing journey that requires practice and commitment. By consistently applying these tools, you can empower yourself to navigate triggers and obstacles with grace and authenticity.


Josselyne also shares…

  • The importance of freedom and self-expression.
  • The power of visualization.
  • The key to embracing unmessablewith-ability.


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