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Connecting authentically as a leader on video (feat. Todd Hartley)

Jul 14, 2021

Would you be brave enough to deliver a video training to hundreds of people for Tony Robbins…. with bandages all over your nose? 


You might think that delivering a presentation at this magnitude with a bandaged face would be, at best, distracting. At worst? It might completely undermine your professionalism and authority.


But what Todd Hartley found was the opposite: People in that training trusted him more because he was willing to show up vulnerably as himself, bandages and all.


Todd’s experience speaks to his ethos as the CEO of WireBuzz, which made the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in America in 2020.


WireBuzz specializes in teaching others how to use the power of video to get impressive results (such as a 41–103% increase in deal closures). Todd’s secret is to encourage leaders to show up authentically on video.


It’s natural to feel skittish about appearing on camera as a leader. Many people judge themselves about how they look in videos or feel a lack of confidence on screen. But according to Todd, this is missing the point.


Video works because it’s the most human form of content. It replicates eye contact, shared emotions, and, yes, the imperfections of face-to-face interactions.


The point is not to look perfect — it’s to show up as yourself and deepen connections with prospects.


How video can transform leadership


As a leader, video provides an opportunity to make online interactions feel more personal in an increasingly remote world. 


Leaders can use video to connect more authentically with their team and their organization by replacing some written communications (such as email or Slack) with video communication.


The data seems to bear out how humans are hardwired to prefer video to text: Todd has found that people are 4x more likely to watch a video than read text.



To start incorporating more video, WireBuzz recommends using video in 5 key places in your organization: 


  1. Getting discovered – both for new clients and for recruiting, using video in your marketing and social media
  2. Website – converting interested prospects into sales calls using strategic videos, attracting the right candidates to apply for positions within your company
  3. Sales – recorded videos explaining your proposals
  4. Existing clients – enhance the client experience with video communication
  5. Training and connecting with employees – coach new team members through video, connect and create more casual touch points with your team by recording videos of your key messaging


Todd also shares…
  • How a mindset shift he made at the beginning of the pandemic led to the best year in WireBuzz’s history, despite the shutdown
  • How to read “digital body language” and use it to improve conversions
  • The incredibly simple video marketing strategy you can start doing now to build your authority in your industry, attract high-end clients, and experience fast growth


How can you harness the power of video in your company? Start by listening to this interview.

Where to connect with Todd Hartley:


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