The benefit of a relaxed mindset (feat. John Rampton)

Jun 30, 2021

John Rampton says his team would describe him as “overly relaxed.” But for him, it’s his >secret to leading through chaotic periods (such as post-pandemic). 


As things rapidly change this year with back-to-the-office plans, there’s pressure for companies to adjust faster and faster. Some leaders take on this pressure and amp it up for their teams, creating a high-stress environment for everyone.


John Rampton doesn’t. Instead, he deflates the pressure, allowing his team to work with calmer and clearer heads. 


Clearly, this relaxed leadership style is working for him. A successful serial entrepreneur (currently running, motivational speaker, and expert blogger at Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc., and more, John has proven that leaders can lead from a place of certainty that everything will turn out okay.


John’s story


John was working on a construction site to pay his way through college when, one day, a fellow worker accidentally backed his vehicle into him. The impact snapped one of his legs.


Three months and thirteen doctors later, John was told he’d never walk again.


But his life changed again when another doctor suggested an experimental stem cell surgery to regrow the bones in his leg. John would be the first in the U.S. and the first of his age group to undergo the procedure. There were no guarantees. He agreed.


He spent twelve months in and out of surgeries, confined to his bed, unable to move.


During this period, with no choice but to trust the process, John began to develop a new outlook on life: An unshakeable belief in the future and in himself. 


His mantra became, “It’ll all work out.”


He also had to develop strong self-confidence. With nothing to offer anyone but his presence, he chose to believe that he was enough.


Ultimately, the procedures proved successful, and John was able to regain his ability to walk. But those beliefs never left him, and today they shape who he is as a leader.


John’s wisdom for leaders


If there’s one thing John would say to any leader, it’d be: “You can do this.” 


He believes that the secret to relaxing as a leader is to make peace with the idea that you’re going to make mistakes and bad decisions, but you’ll also make plenty of good decisions. He recommends not overly worrying about outcomes. “If it’s meant to be, it’ll work out,” he says.


Part of John’s ability to lead with this relaxed mindset is because his accident made it clear to him what’s really important in life: Lifelong relationships.


When you have your priorities straight, even the most high-stakes situations at work don’t feel as important. 


John also shares…

  • How riding a Jet Ski helps him stay more focused and present at work
  • His #1 strategy for quickly dealing with negative emotions like fear
  • How a messed-up childhood can actually be an asset to leaders


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