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Are You Ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution? (feat. Ben Lytle)

Apr 26, 2022

The next thirty years will bring advancements we can’t imagine. 


From augmented reality and the metaverse to enhancements in technology and automation, the sky isn’t the limit anymore. 


Whether we like it or not, the world continues to change. So how can you prepare yourself to stay ahead in this ever-changing digital world? 


Ben Lytle is an uber-successful CEO and serial entrepreneur. He has launched five companies, including two currently on the New York Stock Exchange. His best-known company, Anthem, is number twenty-three on the Fortune 500, with a market cap of over $100B.


And he’s now the author of The Potentialist I: Your Future in the New Reality of the Next Thirty Years. 


In this episode, Ben walks through the importance of advancing your potential and accelerating your wisdom in preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution—the evolution of technology through digitization, artificial intelligence, and the metaverse.



How to advance your potential 


In The Potentialist I, Ben includes seven areas where you can advance your own potential. 


Here are four of his top strategies for preparing for the future.  



1.  Think of yourself as a brand. 


What impression do you leave on others? What do you aspire to be? Know who you are and communicate it clearly in all of your in-person and digital interactions. In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, consistent branding will be important for public figures and individuals alike, as people will have their own branding identities through NFTs.  



2. Be open to collaboration. 


As humans share experiences online and in the metaverse, working together is going to be more important than ever. There will be new ways to experience immersive team collaboration and even AI-powered colleagues (or “human-like bots”). 



3. Think like an entrepreneur. 


What’s your zone of genius? “We all have a creative core,” Ben said. He recommends learning where you thrive and innovating like an entrepreneur. 



4. Optimize your wealth. 


We’ve already seen a convergence of work and personal life with the rise of remote work. Living to your potential means creating the freedom to choose what you want to do in life, starting with optimizing your wealth. 



Evolving from knowledge to wisdom


Conventionally, we expect wisdom to come with age, your experiences color your perspective. Your insights develop as you face challenges at work and in life. 


However, Ben believes human experience can be taught. From studying classical philosophers to absorbing great literature, educating yourself is one way to gradually evolve from knowledge to wisdom. 


“You’re subliminally picking up a lot about how people deal with situations and how to enhance what the unlikely outcome is going to be,” Ben said. Choose lifelong learning and curiosity to accelerate your development.    


Another path to wisdom is widening your aperture. Expand where you focus your attention, recognize you may have blind spots, and lean on your team to bring in diversity of thought.     


When you accelerate your resilience and wisdom, you are better prepared for what’s to come.      


“The only thing that’s going to make you feel successful, at the end of the day, is if you have done your best to be your best and left the world and people around you a little better.”  – Ben Lytle 


Ben also shares…


  • What NFTs have to do with the Fourth Industrial Revolution 
  • Why he refuses to make leadership decisions after 4:00PM
  • How the Metaverse will impact human relationships 


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