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The Service Engine Soon Light Just Came On

Your team may get on well enough during easier, less-stressful economic climates, but the road could get rough without some proactive maintenance.

Now’s the time to double-down on your team before silos evolve into full-fledged turf wars. Your team’s knack for accomplishing “just enough to get by” without rocking the boat or embracing conflict or leaning into development is likely holding back your performance and impacting others in the organization.

Start with having team members create a “two minute story” that shares a work experience that shaped who they are today, and commit to learning more about each other. Then take some time to hear what people are wanting more of or less of on the team to understand your opportunities for growth.

Want help on how to structure those conversations? The Leadership E.D.G.E program is a great place to start. There’s no better time than now to start investing into your team.

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