Work-Life Harmony with Bo & Luke

Mar 5, 2024

Is the concept of “Work-Life Balance” outdated? Forget the balancing act; it’s time for something more realistic.


Bo Brabo and Luke Carignan challenge the traditional notion of work-life balance. They argue “Work-life balance is a myth; it’s harmony we should be after.”


Bo has a distinguished career serving in the US Army and the White House under Presidents Bush and Obama, and Luke boasts 15 years of experience in healthcare HR.


As co-hosts of the globally acclaimed podcast “The Bo & Luke Show,” they suggest that by finding the sweet spot between your personal and professional life, you can embrace a life lived with purpose and aligned with your values.


Harmony Over Balance


Trying to balance work and life is a no-win scenario. You inevitably end up making sacrifices of one over the other along the way. This is why Bo and Luke advocate for work-life harmony, where personal and professional lives are never at odds, but instead compliment one another. First, it’s all about getting crystal clear on your core values. What’s truly important to you? Once you know that, then it’s about weaving those values into every corner of your life.


  • How to Live Your Values Everywhere: It’s not just the major decisions where your true self should come into play, but also in the everyday choices you make. Say fairness is key for you; that might look like advocating for a colleague in a work meeting or ensuring everyone gets a turn during family game night. If honesty ranks high on your list, it could mean being candid about a mistake at work or admitting a blunder at home. Reflect on what matters most to you and seek out ways, big and small, to embody those values in your day-to-day life.


Steps to Achieve Harmony


Bo and Luke each have their own approach to achieving harmony in their lives, but one thing they have in common is the value they place on starting each day on “offense” rather than “defense.” Bo emphasizes focusing on possibilities rather than obstacles, and Luke highlights the importance of having a powerful morning routine.


These simple shifts allow them to be more present, more conscious, and create harmony in both their professional and personal engagements in an impactful way.


  • How to Build a Solid Morning Routine: Identify one morning activity that sets a positive tone for your day and energizes you. It could be anything from a brief workout, meditation, or journaling for 10 minutes. Figure out what you need to kick-start your day that will inevitably set you up for success in all areas of your life. Bring this contagious energy to your team by asking them what they need in order to be energized and make it part of your team discussion to share what’s working and what’s not.


Mindset Matters

Bo and Luke emphasize the power of a proactive and resilient mindset. They strive to view their challenges not as barriers, but rather a launching pad for their growth and innovation. Cultivating this type of mindset goes beyond simply being positive; it’s about actively seeking out the lessons and opportunities in every situation, no matter how tough it may be. With this attitude, you’re not just reacting to the world around you; you’re shaping it to align with your goals and values.


  • How to Cultivate a Growth Mindset: Next time you encounter a challenge, view it as a learning opportunity. How can this obstacle pave the way for growth, both for you and your team? Dive into the details of the challenge, asking yourself what specific skills or knowledge you could gain from tackling it head-on. Encourage your team to brainstorm innovative solutions, fostering an environment where every hurdle is seen as a stepping stone to collective and individual development.


Bo and Luke have one clear message to all the leaders out there: achieving work-life harmony is not only possible, but essential. By integrating your personal values into your professional career you can lead a fuller, richer life that fills you with joy and purpose, which is something everyone desires!


Bo and Luke also share…

  • Why they believe not checking your phone first thing in the morning is the key to success.
  • How finding joy in helping others can lead to personal and professional satisfaction.
  • How making plans that align with your values can help you stay focused and effective.


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