Is the Music You are Listening to Helpful or Hurtful?

Feb 7, 2023

When you listen to a song, the way you connect to it, the emotions it evokes in you, and the way that you interpret the meaning of the song, is an experience that is uniquely yours. One person may listen to a song and find it empowering and motivating. Another person may listen to that same song and feel like it triggers negative emotions in them or brings them down.


Have you ever thought about the impact that the music you regularly listen to has on your emotions and on your life? Your current playlist may be in need of a major update.


Some songs might be keeping you stuck in a negative emotions loop, as they reinforce a negative belief that you would like to get rid of. Other songs have the ability to free you from those negative emotions and turbocharge your life in a positive way.


In this week’s Leadership Insights edition of The Enlightened Executive podcast, I discuss the power that music has on our emotions, and how creating the right playlist for yourself can transform your life for the better.

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