Thank you so much for taking our Enlightened Leadership™️ Quiz! Here are your results.

The first section focuses on your gifts and how you would show up as a leader to others as you continue your personal evolution. The second section highlights potential roadblocks that could get in your way (something to be aware of).


You are the Model


Your Unique Leadership Growth Path:

You have the gift of executive presence, with an ability to be both vulnerable yet strong in your leadership. 

Others admire how “put together” or unflappable you may seem in the face of chaos.  You appear to others as a model of success, someone they hope to emulate or become themselves.

As an Enlightened Executive, you possess confidence and comfort being in your own skin, which encouraging others to find their own unique leadership style.


Potential Road Blocks to Enlightened Leadership:

The old “playlist title” that has the potential to get in your way is “I am not ‘attractive’ enough.”

This doesn’t have to mean in a physical appearance way, although it can.  There could be a subconscious concern about not looking, acting, or sounding like the leader you would like to be.  If this is operating in the background, you may focus your attention on comparing yourself to those to seemingly have the leadership qualities that you think you don’t have, while discounting those that you do.  If not addressed, the drive to “look good” could lead to compromised business decisions – going into too much debt to display the trappings of wealth, focusing on getting on the Top 10 list or getting the right PR, etc.


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