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The first section focuses on your gifts and how you would show up as a leader to others as you continue your personal evolution. The second section highlights potential roadblocks that could get in your way (something to be aware of).


You are the Warrior


Your Unique Leadership Growth Path:

You have the gift of strength, and with fierce and inspiring vigilance you will protect/stand up for what is most valuable.

Your team will often feel you have their back, and cherish your loyalty and trust in return.  You’ll champion what matters most, and have the courage to stand up to others who try to exploit people or situations.

As an Enlightened Leader, you inspire others to fight for what matters and take a stand for a better world for all of humanity.


Potential Road Blocks to Enlightened Leadership:

At its core, the old “playlist title” that may be running you is “I am treated unfairly.”

Because of this, you may have developed a heightened sensitivity to threat, and read threat where there may be none.  Alternatively, you may fall in the other extreme where you put blinders on to potential threat and exposing yourself to being taken advantage of, thereby creating the conditions that drive the need to “rise up” to defend yourself.  Your work is to notice where you are being hypervigilant for evidence that confirms others believe you are ‘less than’ and balance attention with all the blessings you have received.


Quiz feedback:

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