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The first section focuses on your gifts and how you would show up as a leader to others as you continue your personal evolution. The second section highlights potential roadblocks that could get in your way (something to be aware of).


You are the Marathoner


Your Unique Leadership Growth Path:

You have the gift of tireless dedication to achieving outcomes that matter. 

Laser-focused on the organization’s goals, you plow through extraneous activities and zero in on what is most important to create the result you want.  People value your reliability in delivering successful outcome, and know if anyone is going to get it done, it’s you.

As an Enlightened Leader, you persevere through challenging times and inspire others to find their own grit and dedication.


Potential Road Blocks to Enlightened Leadership:

At its core, the old “playlist title” that has the potential to get in your way is “I am only loved if I win/succeed.”

If this is operating in the background, you may get a “high” from being productive, crossing things off your list.  However, you may get trapped in the cycle of adding things to the list and knocking them down without really being present to the consequences of this obsession.  If you aren’t accomplishing, it can feel like you are wasting time as you lose yourself within the safe refuge of work to keep anxiety at bay.  The risk may be that your relationships, both work and personal, could suffer.


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