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The first section focuses on your gifts and how you would show up as a leader to others as you continue your personal evolution. The second section highlights potential roadblocks that could get in your way (something to be aware of).


You are the Individualist


Your Unique Leadership Growth Path:

You have the gift of self-reliance, and an internal drive and motivation to see your vision to reality. 

As an independent thinker, you are able to see opportunity where others may not, which particularly lends itself to entrepreneurial activities. Others might describe you as a self-starter, and marvel at your self-determination and grit.

As an Enlightened Leader, you model a responsible mindset (as opposed to victim mindset) and inspire others to hold themselves accountable for generating their own success and happiness.


Potential Road Blocks to Enlightened Leadership:

At its core, the old “playlist title” or childhood wound that may be running you is “I am all alone/abandoned.”

If this is operating in the background, you may have trouble scaling an organization because leading a team can feel like an oppressive burden to you.  You may have learned you get more done if you do it yourself – it feels faster and easier.  Additionally, you may have found others not to be as motivated or competent, furthering your drive to be independent Opening yourself up to depending on others will be central to your growth.


Quiz feedback:

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