The vast majority of leadership and development tools simply point out a person’s strength. These are as popular (and fun) for corporate events as free donuts. 

But like complimentary breakfast carbs covered in frosting, simply pointing out a person’s strengths can lead to a “sugar high crash” when the meeting ends.

People love hearing what they’re good at–and most of us have at least a vague picture of our strengths. But in order to achieve outsized results in leadership, we must have a crystal clear understanding of our specific mindset and motivations, as well as a view of the places we are most likely to stumble.

When we’re self-aware of both of those things, stressful days or weeks don’t turn into blow-ups or burnouts, and missed project deadlines can be quickly corrected before they turn into a crisis. 


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About US

The Enlightened Leadership Quiz was developed by Susan Drumm, the USA Today Bestselling Author of The Leader’s Playlist, by distilling data from her 20+ years of experience in coaching billionaire CEO’s, high ranking political figures, Fortune 50 executive teams and market-disrupting entrepreneurs.